dance gazette (royal academy of dance), Autumn 2014

Appalachian summer

In America's remote mountain communities, old-time dance survives. MORE

the observer magazine, 23 July 2011

on top of old smoky

There's no better way to appreciate the Appalachians than to travel with a banjo – but be sure to watch out for hungry bears and bugling elk. MORE

Songlines Magazine, July 2011

The songs in her head

Rose Skelton is charmed by Sarah Jarosz, the young Texan girl who is wowing audiences with her dazzling musicianship and songwriting. MORE

songlines magazine, april 2010

A long trip home

The banjo is a much-loved and increasingly popular instrument, but its history is less well-known. Rose Skelton talks to banko protagonists Bela Fleck, Jayme Stone and Otis Taylor, who are all intent on highlighting its African roots. MORE