the africa report, June 2012

Dakar-Mali rail link fights for survival

The end of the line is in sight for the cash-strapped railway, which needs $1.6bn to replace the track but faces structural and financial roadblocks. MORE

the africa report, November 2012

thank you for the music

Internet and mobile music platforms are targeting the African market, which should benefit both musicians and listeners. MORE

the africa report, november 2011

Motifs for Survival

Africa's jewel-coloured 'wax' fabrics are still hugely popular, but the illegal trade in cheap counterfeits from Asia is eating away at local production. One Hong Kong-owned Ghanaian factory, however, is finding new strategies to keep its African textiles made in Africa. MORE

the africa report, June 2011

an empire built on rubbish

A Senegalese entrepreneur  is turning the refuse at local beaches into a source of revenue. MORE

Songlines, january 2011

digging for gold

Rose Skelton talks to three different labels who are all delving into long lost back catalogues and bringing musical treasures to a small yet highly discerning record buying public. 



The international herald tribune, 5 December, 2007

Dollar's fall hurts African cotton farms

The dollar's record plunge against the Euro is adding to the hardships of African cotton growers like Farba Boiro, separating them from home and threatening their ability to continue farming in a region where a third of the population subsists on less than $1 a day. MORE

The independent magazine, December 2007

Choc tactics

Much of Africa's cocoa production is synonymous with child labour and poverty. Not a Kuapa Kokoo. This Ghanaian cooperative owns almost half of the London-based Divine Chocolate Company, and business is booming. MORE