tracking a dictator in dakar 

I do not have experience in tracking down dictators’ houses. But I do have experience with how hard it is to keep a secret in Senegal. MORE

the africa report, july 2013

an african odyssey

Economic trouble in the West, rapidly expanding African economies and the end of many African civil conflicts are contributing to a rise in the number of African migrants returning to their home countries. Ten of them told their stories to The Africa Report. MORE

The Independent 6 August 2012

Malians take up arms to drive out al-Qa'ida

On a sandy football field in the outer suburbs of the Malian capital Bamako, 300 men and women train daily in military techniques that they vow to use to fight hardline Islamist rebels who have occupied the vast desert region of the west African nation. MORE

the independent, 23 march 2012

Return of Gaddafi army triggers coup in Mali

Leader toppled after his forces say they cannot hold out against returning mercenaries. MORE


the africa report May 2012

Sanogo no go

The March coup ended with the return of civilian rule by a transitional government, but the coup leaders may not vanish into the background and the government may not meet its election deadlines. MORE

the africa report february 2012

Spotlight: Macky Sall

The pragmatist politician hopes to provide a serious challenge to President Abdoulaye Wade in Senegal's presidential polls in February, and provide a rallying point for a divided opposition in the second round. MORE

the africa report june – july 2010

Guinea Bissau – Back to Basics

With the military increasingly tied up in battling the drugs trade, the civilian government is struggling to enact security sector reform to support the judiciary.