songlines magazine, april 2012

Voices of the people

Riots, rallies and revolution. Welcome to Dakar. With Youssou N'Dour's presidential bid now over, Rose Skelton exposes the hip-hop artists who will stop at nothing to overturn the political justices that now plague Senegal. MORE

Songlines magazine, october 2009

Backpage from guinea bissau

Bissau Guinean hip-hop stars a re singing out about the recent political assassinations. MORE

songlines magazine, november 2008

Backpage from lagos

Nigeria's sprawling capital is oil rich, yet plunged into frequent darkness by power cuts. Rose Skelton meets the musicians speaking out against the status quo. MORE

songlines magazine, July 2008

Backpage from Dakar

'Senegalese Rap is Dead: Long Live Senegalese Rap.' Rose Skelton reports from Dakar on the changes afoot in the local hip-hop scene. MORE

reuters, 7 august, 2006

Senegal rappers aim to keep it real but fear censure

Senegal's rappers pride themselves on having helped change their world six years ago by urging people to vote in elections that ended four decades of rule by one party.



reuters, 1 August 2005

Rap artists spearhead Senegal's quest for change

Faada Freddy has a message for Senegal's leaders: if they don't keep their promises they can expect a tightly rhymed tongue-lashing from his fellow rappers.